Velvet Tart Prices and Info

The following is a list of services provided by the Velvet Tart:

      Historical- Garments for reenactment of any time period: Renaissance, Victorian, etc. Can be made period-accurate or with modern hacks like zippers & clips. Or pockets!
      Burlesque- Modular costumes and lingerie for performers. Can be made to requested specifics, or designed unique through consultation.
      Theatrical- Garments specially rigged for stage use. Can be modified existing clothing, or designed unique through consultation.
      Cosplay- Props and garb made for your personal expression of geekery. None of that Nazi shit.
      Design- Consultation and images rendered of any of the above, used to inform and explain construction to another maker for theatrical or personal use. Totes no jealousy.

     Modification to existing clothing to better fit a client's unique shape. Off-the-rack, department store vanity-sizing will be tolerated no longer!

     Replacing, modifying, or fixing damaged clothing.

     Clothing made to fit a client's unique shape. Can be from a pattern or hand-drafted. No size restrictions.

Haute Couture 
     Clothing made in the traditional, French style of high fashion: By hand, all of it. Perfect fit, all of it. A personal dress form is made, patterns drafted by hand, every stitch hand sewn. Ridiculously expensive, but mad bragging points awarded.

(subject to change, with notice. Because I forget things sometimes)

Costuming estimated prices

Period clothing, all variants thereof
Shirts: $50-$80
Breeches: $50-$80
Skirts: $60-$150
Vests: Start at $80
Doublets: Start at $100
Bodices: Start at $120
Hose: Start at $100, because I'm not a fan of wrangling skin-tight material.
Corsets: Start at $120
Design Images: Start at $50

Accessories: $10-$50
Lingerie: $50-$100
Shapewear: $80-$150
Rigged costumes: $200-$500

Hems of skirts, pants, shirts raised or extended: $15
Bottoms, taken in or out: $20
Casual shirts, fitted or modified: $20
Business shirts: $25
Business jackets, blazers: $40
Outerwear: $50
Formal wear: $50+, depends on materials

Minor damage (rips, holes): $5
Major damage (structural wear, large holes, replacements needed): $15
Darning knitwear (runs, moth damage, holes): $15
Outerwear: $50
Structural reinforcement: $20-$50, depends on materials
Formal wear: $50+, depends on materials

Bespoke estimated prices:
Casual wear: $50-$150
Business wear: $100-$500
Outerwear: $50-$300

Formal wear: Starts at $100, depending on materials

Haute Couture: By appointment only.

Payment Information
At least half the total estimated cost is due to begin work. Payment installations can be a thing. Basic sketches, measurements, adjustments, compliments are free.

Current options:
Arbitrary favors
Coveted self-made items

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